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A Bit About Us

A Natural Gas Supplier You Can Trust

Metro Energy & Electric Trading is a Liquified Petroleum Gas Supplier based in Ulu Tiram. We provide our clients with the best quality of LPG gas for residential, commercial and industry. Among our services, we offer our clients Emergency Deliveries as well as Quality Assurance Tests to help them get the most out of their Metro Energy experience. Get in touch to learn more about how you can benefit from ordering supplies from the industry leader.


C 14

C 14 is one of the most famous product in the market. C 14 is suitable for residential user to deal with daily cooking. It contains 14KG of liquified petroleum gas with quality and quantity assurance.

C 50

The C50 cylinders are one of our widely used LPG gas cylinders, most commonly used by hotels, factories, resorts, food courts, restaurants, canteens etc. The convenient 50KG cyclinder comes in different types to suit different appliance needs.


To minimize the dangerous and risk of gas leaking, we recommend our customer this regulator. This regulator contain child lock which prevent children play with the gas tank and caused leaking. This regulator also automatic cut off the gas when it detect any leaking.

Gas Hose

This gas hose is more durable than normally used. This gas hose is double layer which have another 10mm diameter hose inside. Length can vary depending on the Stove & Gas location.


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Ulu Tiram, Johor, Malaysia


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